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Fonterra spokesman: media reported error compensation work has yet to begin
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Aug 19 (Reuters), New Zealand's fonterra group, says the next stage will start the compensation program for customers and consumers. Experts said that consumers can put forward to fonterra, pay the price to 10 times the punitive damages, fonterra should be established a special consumer potential damage compensation fund; Buy whey protein powder tainted Chinese milk companies can be to fonterra's claim for compensation according to the contract. Fonterra's response to the news of finance and economics channel, and each customer to discuss compensation work has yet to start, as a raw material supplier, fonterra will be directly affected by this incident clients assume responsibility. 
Fonterra said previous media reports errors compensation work has yet to begin 
Fonterra botulinum toxin pollution incident continuous fermentation. , local media reported on August 12, fonterra, President of greater China and India Wei Kewen said fonterra the next phase will start the compensation program for customers and consumers. 
Fonterra China pr 16 back to news channels of financial statement, media reported before is wrong, fonterra, President of greater China and India Wei Kewen on Monday in an interview with the media, said: now priority, priority is to control the product first, to enter the market of product will be back in time. The second key is to determine why this event happened, how to prevent this event happen again. "Following is to discuss compensation and individual customers, has yet to start this work." 
In the fonterra botulinum incident, four Chinese enterprises affected, hangzhou wahaha health food company and hangzhou wahaha import and export company, Shanghai sugar alcohol and tobacco company, dumex baby food companies. Kraal brands such as Coca-Cola, abbott laboratories and Hong Kong products also were involved. 
The ministry of commerce international trade and economic cooperation research institute researcher Jin Baisong in addition to the financial channel, said import botulinum toxin pollution is the victim of whey protein powder of Chinese enterprises, can according to the Chinese law and the contract to fonterra, lodge a claim against you. But so far, there has been no any claim an enterprise involved in fonterra's message. 
Dumex baby food company China public relations manager Wang Huiying reply news of finance and economics channel, have further news will be announced in a timely manner. Abbott laboratories, a media interview said that the future will require fonterra compensation for losses, no news yet. Fonterra China communications to said, in addition to the financial channel response as a raw material supplier, fonterra will be directly affected by this incident clients assume responsibility. But it did not say the specific what to assume responsibility. 
Expert: fonterra should set up the potential damage compensation fund 
"Fonterra has an apology is not enough light. Purchased by Chinese consumers of botulinum toxin contaminated dairy products can not only claim to China's enterprises, also can choose directly to fonterra claim." Law school of renmin university of China, commercial law, professor, director of the institute on Saturday before Liu Junhai finance channel, said fonterra said there are product quality defects, and there is no timely disclosure of real defects, consumers to buy the contaminated products, not to eat, can put forward to fonterra pay price 10 times of punitive damages; If consumers to Chinese imports and sales of the first products contaminated with clostridium botulinum claims, Chinese companies can recover from the fonterra. 
According to China's "food safety law" the 96th, the production is not in conformity with the food safety standards of food or sales is knowing that do not conform to the food safety standards, consumers in addition to claim damages, you can also ask producers or sellers for compensation of 10 times to pay the price. 
Liu Junhai also advised fonterra, first the related product recall completely; Consumers have eaten contaminated products, if you have the actual damage, fonterra need according to the actual damages; For a potential damage, fonterra need to set up a compensation fund, to compensate the potential damage for consumers. 
About the compensation of consumers, fonterra said that in addition to the financial channel has been aimed at buying raw materials fonterra clients affected public recall products to consumers, so consumers related problem is the most appropriate to respond by them. In addition to the financial channel dumex, the other party said no further news. 
Mr. Chen, an analyst at Orient dairy industry media interview, said fonterra compensation has a big difficulties: botulinum toxin, two melamine in food and there is no standard related content, more difficult to assess damages. 

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