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Study in the analysis of the causes of Russia's enthusiasm continues unabated
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As the Russian economy recovery, to increasing the number of the students in Russia, to study the threshold is also rising. At present, some of the top universities such as the great, have degree students are required to submit relevant certification documents. To study art in Russia's domestic students, the Russian music colleges and universities generally require applicants to Russia to attend the interview or to provide relevant video (or VCD); And the fine arts living also need to provide related work can apply for a suitable school. 
In addition, according to the latest study from the Russian ministry of education policy, the Russian embassy or consulate to apply for visa to visit the students, improve the random chance of the interview. However, after the interview of training with professional bodies, students generally can handle it well. Although policies on overseas study of the change, requirement has also improved, but China in Russia the enthusiasm of the students didn't decline, rather than the same period last year increased in applications. According to the ministry of education, according to statistics released over the past decade, the number of students coming to China in Russia increased by nearly 10 times, 2003 Chinese students has reached 16000 people in Russia. Russia has become Chinese students choose to study abroad hot countries. Russia to study why so "go"? According to related survey, the reasons mainly include the following: 
1, Russia's higher education quality. 
Many top universities in Russia. Moscow university, st. Petersburg university, university of volgograd in the top of the world, and most of the university with a history of more than one hundred years, these universities to train a lot of world famous scientists, artists. 
2, Russia in cutting-edge technology, medicine, military, education, culture, art and many other areas of the world's leading. 
3, low cost of study abroad in Russia. 
In volgograd (original stalingrad), a year a total of about 15000 yuan tuition fee, annual average total cost of Moscow, st Petersburg colleges also however 30000-40000 yuan. With study in British and American countries the cost of one year, the famous university in Russia to graduate, is really a good choice. 
A high school student, launched China's first civil organizations to prevent youth suicide, more than two years helped save hundreds of suicide... 
In addition, the employment outlook is the important reason for Russia to study abroad ChengXinChong. At present, most of the Chinese diplomats and businessmen of the commonwealth of independent states have leave Russia experience. As the Russian people's retirement, the older Russian domain has been severely short phenomenon appear talent in our country. Both the Russian education background and master a foreign professional skills talents will become the international and domestic market demand. 

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