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History's first black President nelson mandela profile
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Hera Hera, Mandela Nelson raleigh (Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela) was born on July 18, 1918 in South Africa, lance a big chieftain family, kay was awarded bachelor of arts and the university of the witwatersrand in South Africa lawyer qualification, worked as a lawyer. Nelson mandela, have been strong character, venerated national hero. He is the heir to the eldest son in the home and is designated as the emirates. But he said: "never let a oppressed tribes to the emirates identity rule", but "in the name of a warrior devoted to national liberation". He resolutely on the path of the pursuit of national liberation. 
In 1944 he took part in the African national congress (anc). In 1948 was elected to the anc youth league national secretary, 1950 former anc youth league national chairman. 
1952 of the anc's commissioner, Transvaal province, chairman of the national vice chairman. The end of the same year, he succeeded in organizing and leading the "contempt of unjust law movement", won the respect of all the black. In response, the South African authorities have issued a ban on him to attend public meetings twice. 
In June 1961, mandela creating anc military organization "spear of the nation", as a commander in chief. In August 1962, Mr Mandela was arrested, he was just 43 years old, the South African government for political theater and the crime of illegal cross-border sentenced him to five years in prison. 
In June 1964, he was charged with conspiring against sin, and was commuted to life imprisonment, began a long prison, in jail for up to 27 in the spring and autumn, he was persecuted and tortured, but always persevere. 
On February 11, 1990, the South African authorities under the pressure of public opinion at home and abroad, was forced to declare the unconditional release of nelson mandela. In march the same year, he was the anc's national executive committee appointed vice chairman, acting chairman, was elected President in July 1991. 
In April 1994, the anc regardless of their race's election for the first time in South Africa. In may the same year, mandela became South Africa's first black President. In December 1997, Mr Mandela as chairman of the anc, and said no longer run for President in June 1999. 
In June 1999 officially left office. 
The main works are: "path to freedom will not smooth, the struggle is life, the declaration of freedom for the world, autobiography" walk the long ". 
In 1991, UNESCO awarded mandela "umm, Emmanuel - BoWaNi strive for peace". 
In October 1993, the Nobel peace committee awarded him the Nobel peace prize, for his its contribution to the abolition of South Africa's racial discrimination policy. That same year he also together with the South African President fw DE klerk was awarded the medal of freedom in Philadelphia in the United States. Mandela's visit to the United States in September, 1998, won the congressional gold medal, becoming the first won the highest award of African americans. 
In August 2000 was awarded medal of "karma" by the southern African development community (sadc), for he is leading the people of South Africa's long struggle for freedom, in the realization of South Africa's peaceful transition between the old and the new stage, and made outstanding contributions during served as chairman of the sadc. 
1992 and winnie mandela, separation, on March 19, 1996, the court ruled that divorced winnie mandela. Current wife Graca Machel marciel (Graca Machel) is a former President of mozambique zamora's widow, July 18, 1998 married mandela. 
's first visit to China in October 5, 1992, was awarded an honorary doctorate in law by Peking University. In may, 1999, President mandela was invited to visit to China, he is the head of state in South Africa's first visit to China. 

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