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Calm in the face of studying abroad study abroad hot worth it
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But as the growth of the domestic economy, as well as the education situation greatly improved, the talent market, a growing number of returnees compete with domestic college students. In the face of "study abroad hot", most parents and students will have a question: "what he was to study abroad?" 
1, the benefits of study abroad 
There is no denying the fact that one person at a young age, his plasticity is the strongest, so for study abroad have words called "catch don't catch a late". Students at a young age to another environment to live, to work, to learn is a good thing. Even if China can do some things, but for a country to better reading group. Because they can accept different culture, and get the diploma, degree is one of the reasons, is definitely not the most important reason. 
Another experience studying itself is a biggest asset. This wealth completely than any a campus at home can get something more. Study abroad is not only a process of learning the advanced culture, and it is on the will of the people to exercise; Overseas experience not only let the returnees rich life experience, receives the advanced concept and updated the mode of thinking, harvest a great spiritual wealth, and brought huge material wealth to sea turtles and great sense of accomplishment. It is the returnees entrepreneurial often only need a few years your business will have greater development. High starting point, natural and fly high. Study abroad is the most valuable investment. 
Why study in colleges and universities to study and is suitable for yourself? 
Many students choose to study in colleges and universities, is always very dedicated rankings of colleges and universities, seems to apply for the top colleges and universities is the ultimate goal of each student. Reason, though, when we in the choice of educational institutions should not be looking closely confined to the rankings, must find their own institutions. 
We face reading is different from the domestic and abroad is not only the different language, and since the childhood education as well as the life of the cultural atmosphere and so on all had the very big change. While living in a foreign country, most of the time is spent in school, most of the time are used to study, so attend colleges and universities must be suitable for yourself, that is to say, the colleges and universities to study, they can quickly fit in. Once a student, he attended college in the United States a religious nature of the school, the school's ranking is also good. But his life in this school, I feel very unhappy, find us, hope we can help him find a suitable for his college. This is a typical not chosen for the school. 
Also some students their own language and learning depth is limited, but it happened that a better mousetrap is very high, is want to go to the XXX school, later to go to, but go through, because he feel read not bottom go to, research, achievement and so on all can't keep up with progress, their reading is also very tired. So high school students, college graduates, the choice school, must according to their own conditions to find suits own university, Oxford, Cambridge, not necessarily for everyone. 
2, the difference between Chinese and foreign education 
From the present situation of Chinese and foreign education, some people think that foreign pay attention to the child's ability to innovate, respect the wishes of children, and abroad have a very good learning conditions, so study abroad is better than stay at home to go to college. But others hold a negative attitude, think that domestic education more in line with national conditions, and the domestic education pays attention to the foundation, has a great advantage for children to master the knowledge. 
Education attitude of China and the overseas education attitude actually the biggest difference is that a biased toward force-feeding education in China. The foundation of Chinese students is very solid, it's advantages, but also has faults, Chinese students face new things have cower psychology, compared with foreign students, poor innovation consciousness. And more emphasis on foreign university students to communicate with people, teamwork and innovation spirit. 
In addition the situation of Chinese and foreign university is: foreign universities emphasize wide into severe out, and the domestic university seems to be contrary, in a state of yan into wider. University should be the most important thing in a person's life, may be one person, the time of formation of the knowledge structure and so there is no denying that the wide into severe out education attitude is more students to choose. 
3, mid-level family students to take an examination of is not how to choose the college: 
In the face of economic crisis, employment, there are a lot of students in lower family does not go to college, don't know how to choose? Answer read, not afraid of exam next year; Employment, no experience and special skills? Then we go from here? 
Especially now that the college entrance examination scores, many students do not know how to choose their own way. In each study abroad exhibition, parents are seriously listen to the consultant. So for students family condition is not very ideal, we can't give up his good life, we can choose a private school to study abroad, professional choice, which can quickly obtain employment. For family wealthy family, the native is the first choice; But as a working-class children, don't lose the chance to study abroad? In fact at present, Singapore studies abroad becomes the preferred of working-class students. Tuition and living expenses are native 1/4 - a third. According to Singapore's education union (greater China) headquarters marketing manager Yin Hang statistics, the number of 2-3 years studying in Singapore recently hit a record high, every year there are about 7000-8000 people successful application study in Singapore, half of the students want to stay in Singapore, apply for a green card. Like Singapore institute of Erc in Chinese student admission before signing the agreement, ensure that excellent graduates can stay in Singapore. Singapore's east Asian institute of management of wine tube every year, more than 300 talented success in Singapore's big 5 star and advanced entertainment jobs, get a green card. 

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