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Japan introduced the Intangible Cultural Heritage
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Today, Japan 's Kumano Kodo and pigs during Yuan has been listed as the world cultural heritage, attracting many people who love nature Quest history fascinated . In this filled with the mystery and romance of the Millennium Trail and experience the ancient imprint left today , despite the imagination gallop , maybe this time history does not seem so important. Kumano region of Japan in the Kii peninsula stretching hundreds of kilometers of the ruins, it was referred to as "Japan's Great Wall ." While Ishigaki average height of these only 1-2 meters far from the magnificent Great Wall of China , but its long history and legends about the builders but enough to enjoy it to the world cultural heritage in the world. These Ishigaki from the southern Kii Peninsula Shingu Nachi Katsuura -cho has been extended to the new waterfront palace , intermittent , presumably total length of several hundred kilometers. Kumano region , especially in the mountains , about dozens of columns Ishigaki wall , there are more than 20 kilometers long , short, may be only a few meters , but the texture of the ground traces and stones , these seem to have Ishigaki are connected together . These local Japanese Ishigaki called " swine wall ." Ordinary " pig wall " is the ancient Japanese to prevent wild boar , deer and other wildlife larger invasion and destruction of farmland and the construction of a stone wall , which Shiga in Japan Midwest , Kagawa Prefecture , Nagasaki Prefecture , Gifu Prefecture and other places is not surprising . But such a large scale as a bear boar wall , long distance , long history and well-preserved stone walls are very rare. These Ishigaki one block from the base product made ​​of natural stone , larger stones up to 30 cm in diameter and small diameter of 5 cm, large and small, to be built by piling stones of varying shapes one meter more than half a meter wide stone walls . Although natural stone edges obvious, but these top Ishigaki is relatively flat , it must be very difficult for the ancient works , from which it is obvious that the builders of the wall 's construction bear boar intentions. Although there is speculation that these Ishigaki in the construction of BC , but bear boar exactly when the wall was built and by whom has been a historical mystery . Thus , as to why the bear boar wall construction is also speculation that vary. Some scholars believe that "pig wall " , as the name suggests is the invasion of the locals to protect farmland against beast built protective walls ; someone Ishigaki never built along the mountain down clues , and speculated that it was the local Serbs to prevent the Emperor Jimmu conquest Kumano region and the construction of fortifications ; Some people even legendary Qin Dynasty by the Chinese to Japanese mining immortality in Shingu landing Xu stories and these Ishigaki construction linked to together , said he modeled Qin Shi Huang built the Great Wall in Japan also built a miniature Great Wall ...... but no matter what kind of argument is still no rigorous evidence of its reliability , Japan and even set up a " stone columns Kumano study" to specifically study the history of bear boar wall . Bear boar wall in the end no matter how the legendary story has its presence in convey to the people once the vicissitudes of life . And walk on the famous Kumano Kodo , the ancient cedar and cypress trees towering jungle, aptly twigs and leaves covered with dirt roads narrow and steep . Along the mountain , the vaguely about the emergence of a pig man high wall , high and low , like off and continued . Wanton mottled moss growing in the cracks of the various stones , as if to tell the myths thousands of years ago . With swine wall extending to the distant , hazy in front of the mountain are boundless . Just confused on whether disoriented panic , an observation deck cliffs blue sky was revealed. Way , you can see the side of the face is similar to "human face rock" and the legendary " warrior rock cave ." At this full of romantic and legendary jungle , meandering trail , patchwork pig wall , vividly portray the ancient style .

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