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French-Chinese parents to educate their children by example more than explain in words
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Chinese parents in educating children too utilitarian heart , always impose their own values ​​for the children , such as exams to get a high score , the game was the first , another example of the success of benchmarking is big money, live in a big house and so on. The vast majority of children are good by nature optimistic , but parents aggressive education has forced every child succeed defined objectives to parents to work , not only lost the goodness optimistic nature , and is likely to become indifferent selfish.
In fact, the essence of education is to love all people love their children , but many people love not law , not only did not get a good communication effect, but hurt the child's self-confidence. Success is not immutable, success can also have a variety of ways , as long as the children according to their own interests, achievements in his favorite areas are considered successful. Some children read too bad, but good sports scores ; Some kids good at math , but English is not, this is a normal individual differences in each person , parents should not require instant success every child to become "learning Pa "as a top student , not only learn better, have to have the expertise in all aspects of the arts, sports and so on.
Chinese parents are often the worst thing there is to take their children compared with others , even within a family , the boss will separate the high down to her second child , this comparison is very hurt children 's self-confidence and self-esteem . By contrast , the French children's parents rarely get comparative weakness and others , always on the children do best not begrudge their praise , such as " you are awesome " "You 're the best ," this discourse will greatly enhance the child's confidence , as one put it, " out of the boy are exaggerated ."
Communicate with their children in the most important thing is to learn to listen , and only really listen, to understand , to communicate , in order to ingratiate themselves with their children . China 's parents to like to control, while the child is required to listen to , it is interesting that the more parents to listen to children but parents are willing to be controlled .
How to improve the child's personality develop sound
Parents want their children healthy personality and become a useful person to society , and culture of personality must IQ, EQ both simultaneously . Western scholars believe that intelligence consists of three elements: memory, responsiveness and overall ability, each child may have on these three elements in different director , the parents have to do , is in the child's early education, as far as possible , such as through play means the child's strengths and preferences to guide it, if the child's career is his hobby , then after his career is at least happy , so the likelihood of success is greater.
No child is willing to let their parents down , if children feel they have done their best , parents still did not reach the desired goal , then his confidence will suffer a serious blow . Chinese parents often give their children the expectations set high goals , once the child did not meet the objectives and requirements , but also unwarranted accusations, in fact, often the child has made ​​a great effort , this time parents should do is to find together and children problem, patiently help him, comfort him and encourage him, so that the child will become more tolerant, optimistic, have more confidence in yourself .
In the French-born children of Chinese descent , many will have trouble on the identity , which directly affect their integration into the local community. In terms of identity and social integration , emotional intelligence plays a decisive role. As a parent, a child must be at different stages of growth, have devoted one hundred percent attention and patience , always observe the child at different ages has shown characteristics of different issues , concerns the enormous pressure of small things that might cause the child , with their own exemplary role in educating the children of conflict even in the state still have to maintain enough respect for themselves and opponents .
People are groups of animals , so in order child alone, should at least ensure that any unfamiliar place have at least one good friend , then the friend as the core, and then create a small circle of friends , the children create a suitable room to grow . In addition, to encourage children to participate in campus activities, such as school organization charity , dinners, outings and other activities, parents should actively cooperate to help children with people, along with others. But the child's friends must be effective supervision , and now the complex social environment , parents should be parents and their children with other children went fairly close also to establish a fixed contact , try to fight for the children 's parents have become friends with their friends .
The initial child by the parents to help build social activities , such as after him 7-8 years old, children can gradually develop their own organizational gatherings , social ability , give the child enough face , space, give him confidence, parents need to loosen the tight , comes naturally develop gradually improve children 's social skills .
Example is the role of persuasion in today too ambitious
Chinese people speak words and deeds, in the case of modern society, the information explosion , the children through a network of knowledge is not necessarily less than the parents , the parents have knowledge of it may be outdated , so in this case , on the role of teaching by example much greater than explained. Ancient Chinese political commentators talk about " The body is not to make the trip ; their body is not correct , although that does not work ," the education of children is true. Parents and children in the process of education to common development and common progress , in order to enjoy the beauty and achievement of common education .
French big companies when hiring requirements in terms of quality is very simple, only three : talking, with the brain, there is a good body, it actually requires is EQ , IQ and physical . In other words , parents in the education of their children as long as the emphasis on quality training in these three areas , then the adult children can find their natural place in the community and become useful to others on their own people .
Regardless of the method , our ultimate goal is different according to each child's character and expertise to help kids health , peace, joy and growth. Looking at the goal, but never ignore the process, so that a smooth sail train children's education destination !

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