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Six big idea of harvard students cultivate the aura
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Six big idea of harvard students cultivate the aura 
Study in the United States will exercise the student various aspects ability, Harvard University is a private research university in Massachusetts, as one of the members of the ivy league. Initiated in 1636 by the colonial Massachusetts legislature at first. The agency in March 13, 1639 for the donation of a minister John harvard and named harvard college and harvard college in 1780 changed its name to Harvard University. Today, Harvard University is a place in the world's top academic status, reputation, wealth and influence education institutions, and as is the U.S. government think tank. Here share with you the Harvard University students about aura training six items, hope and anlyzes. 
Idea 1: Harvard University composed 
(1) Harvard University student to the side of things, often thinking about their causal relationship. 
(2) Harvard University students don't tell people your difficulties and suffering. 
(3) Harvard University student to consult the opinions of others before yourself thinking, but don't speak first. 
(4) don't have a chance to nag you. 
(5) important decisions have consult others as far as possible, the best every other day to release again. 
(6) don't have any hurry, walk also. > > immediately consulting 
Idea 2: Harvard University carefully 
(1) what happened around them, often thinking about their causal relationship. 
(2) the inadequate for the execution of the problems, to explore their fundamental problem. 
(3) used to the way of doing things, to be improved or optimized Suggestions. 
(4) to do anything to get into the habit of methodical and orderly. 
(5) to find a few others often don't see problems or disadvantages. 
(6) whenever and wherever you want to be the place to fill. 
Harvard University philosophy three: courage 
(1) not commonly used words of a lack of confidence. 
(2) don't often go back on our word, easily overthrow has decided. 
(3) in the dispute, don't have no definite view. 
(4) the overall atmosphere is low, you want to be optimistic, sunshine. 
(5) you do everything, because someone is watching you. 
(6) when things go wrong, take breath, to breach, ends will be clean. 
Harvard University concept 4: generosity 
(1) don't make people become rivals is likely to be partners. 
(2) to others of small faults, small mistakes don't haggle over every ounce. 
(3) on the money to be generous, learn three shi (money, law, and fearless) 
(4) don't have the power of pride and prejudice. 
(5) any results and achievements to share with others. 
(6) must be someone sacrifice or dedication, go ahead. > > immediately consulting 
Harvard University idea 5: integrity 
(1) don't make people become rivals is likely to be partners. 
(2) don't often mouth empty slogans or banners. 
(3) according to "dishonest" put forward by the customer problem, take out improving methods. 
(4) to stop all the means of "immoral". 
(5) make a fool of cleverness, no good! 
(6) calculate the integrity of the product or service cost, is that the cost of the brand. 
Harvard University philosophy six: bear 
(1) to review any negligence, to start from their own or one of their own reflection. 
(2) after the matters, first review the fault, 4 credit again. 
(3) the mistake from the superior, make from the start at a lower level 
(4) working on a plan, first define responsibilities clear, and allocated appropriately. 
(5) to "uncertain" said person or organization to be staked out. 

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